Anyone have a nokia 5800?

    if so can you please do me a big favour?

    Put your micro sd card in your computer and list in order the folders that are on that card? my sd card broke last night and i have got a new one but i need to know what folders nokia have put on the micro sd card.
    Cheers! Rep will be given!


    Volume in drive J has no label.
    Volume Serial Number is CDF2-6BE2

    Directory of J:\

    27/03/2009 20:53 156 qf
    10/02/2009 07:12 data
    10/02/2009 16:53 Music
    10/02/2009 21:10 Games
    10/02/2009 21:10 Installs
    02/01/2009 15:56 cities
    02/01/2009 15:31 Private
    02/01/2009 15:31 System
    02/01/2009 15:30 Images
    02/01/2009 15:31 Sounds
    02/01/2009 15:31 Videos
    02/01/2009 15:57 Others
    12/02/2009 22:55 Nokia
    12/02/2009 22:56 My Videos
    03/04/2009 17:50 sys
    17/02/2009 20:49 296 WMPInfo.xml
    17/02/2009 20:46 Playlists
    03/04/2009 17:50 resource
    2 File(s) 452 bytes
    16 Dir(s) 4,495,998,976 bytes free

    Original Poster

    Thanks so much!!


    Thanks so much!!

    No worries :thumbsup:

    You should be able to get the phone to format it, on my E61 you go to tools, memory card then press the options button to format/backup etc.

    My lad says that you can put yr memory card in yr phone and format it from the phone, hope helps I havn't got a clue :-D:-D

    WTF? You don't need to worry about folders.

    The phone will automatically create most of the folders. It's not something you need to be worried about.

    Put the new memory card in your phone and just start using it.
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