Anyone have a real easy o2 unopened Sim Card?

    Hey guys

    I'm pulling my hair out now with all these hoax callers that call every day, I'm really needing to change my number.

    Does anyone have a real easy o2 pay as you go number that you have never used that I can have?


    why dont u just order the free ones from o2 web site, i get em all the time,

    Original Poster

    have u got any easy ones mate

    free on o2 web site

    Original Poster

    I've ordered 2

    Original Poster

    O2 have just told me that customers can change the last 6 numbers of their platinum mobile number for £100, you can change less numbers and this is reflected in the price ( e.g last 2 for £40)



    Why on earth would you want to pay up to £100 to change the numbers? That's just ridiculous! What type of mug would do that!

    Wonder how many people who have done this have their pin number as the last 4 digits

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    Can't believe it costs that much
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