Anyone have a recommendations for forum software ?

    I'm in the throws of getting a website made up for a mate whose an author.

    The guy putting the site together had just asked if there's any forum software I prefer?

    The only one I've any experience with is phpbb ( which is free, but is it any good ?

    Anyone have any views on what's any good ?

    Price isn't an issue as I'm not paying for it


    Vbulletin (same as this site)


    another one at cost is vbulliten,

    I use phpbb and always workder great for me

    Simple machines forum... easy to set up, easy to admin.

    Download Uniform Server, run it to give yourself a locally hosted WAMP environment, and find out for yourself what suits you best. Me, I'd suggest PHPBB on the grounds that it's one of the most common forum formats, so it's easy for newfolks to use, but ]Beehive Forum dumps on it from great height in absolutey ever other way.

    sorry newbie question, can all of these be easily integrated with a site built with Blogger?
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