Anyone have a Samsung U600? - Battery?

    How long does your battery last?

    Mine don't last more than 2 days. My brightness is set on low, and the keypad light comes on after 9pm aswell.

    I text and call quite a bit, but compared to other phones Ive used, I usually get 3+ days before I need to charge again.

    I don't use the MP3 player, or the camera much.



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    just got mines last week and the battery seems fine lasts me about 4-5 … just got mines last week and the battery seems fine lasts me about 4-5 days!i do keep it on silent tho, because i hate the keypad tone!

    Wow that is good, looks like I need to buy a new battery?

    Yeah, I hate that, I turn it off.

    My phone is also on silent 50% of the time.

    Sounds like a battery problem for me?

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    did u charge it up fully when u got it?

    Yup, left it overnight, never touched it until I made sure it was fully charged.

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    Carphone Warehouse, about 2-3 weeks ago? £160 I think it was with £10 top-up.

    Would take it back, but don't want the hassle of backing up stuff etc etc.

    Rather buy a new battery if thats the case!

    take it back in i have before the should just give / order you a new free battery


    take it back to the carphone warehouse and say can you just swop the battery over they should do it

    well a NEW original battery will cost alot
    stop being lazy and back it up

    battery's seem to be going for £4 deliverd on ebay but when u pay that sort of money ud expect carphone warehouse to sort the problem out!

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    It was new.

    oooo if they let me swap the battery, that'd be great! I seen a battery on ebay I think it was £7 ish?

    It says genuine, but I'm guessing its not!


    I have a U600...and yeah i get bad battery life...similar to you.…ta=

    It seems common aswell...

    all samsungs r ****



    all samsungs r ****

    i dont know what you said because of the * but i can only imagine it was something good about samsungs

    lol i mean cr4p with battery lifes the worse one was i300 oh my days i paid 180 or something had it for about 8 months sold it for 80 quid !!!! the battery life lasted 2 hours playing songs or something it was totally rubbish.

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    I think the phones great. Most gorgeous phone available imo.

    Just gotta sort the battery, then it'll be a near perfect phone


    i just bought a samsung how do i make the battery life last longer?

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    Is it the U600? If so, and your battery doesn't last, it appears to be a common prob


    no its an e900

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    I haven't got one, but Id guess at setting brightness on lowest, can you set a timer on when you want the keypad on?

    Limit use of features, bluetooth off unless needed.


    cheers :-D

    u can buy long lasting batterys off ebay if im correct
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