Anyone have a spare o2 priority code for final fantasy 14 please

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Found 4th Jul
Looking for anyone willing to give their unused codes so that i can share them with a gaming community. i myself have used a code already but some members of our group havent had the opportunity to take part in it.

thanks in advance xx


PM'd : )

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thank you so much, you're going to make someone extremely happy

What does this code you speak about do?

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Gives you some in game outfits and a mount. its 3 things you get from the code, im splitting them up so each code i receive from you lovely people helps 3 different people in the game

PM'd you a code as I won't need it.

PM sent

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thank you so much everyone. you've really made a lot of people happy today. lots of people in england who arent on o2 anf people in europe who dont even have the opportunity to get these codes / items =) you guys are awesome

Sent you a PM with the code

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thank you sooooo sooo much

I would love to get a Code for the maid attire if anybody has a spare Code!

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I can give you one Tabias if you still need one just pm me



I can give you one Tabias if you still need one just pm me

news users can't send pms rip

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Ooohh damnn

Tobias what server are you, im on phoenix

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yeah ive been collecting codes and splitting them up to share with as many players as possible within the gaming community im a part of. Which item do you need and i'll pm a code over

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