Anyone have a spare Xbox Live 48hr Code?

    I'm awaiting a code from that unnamed auction site, but until then, I'm bored and can no longer play COD online...

    Anyone have a spare they aren't going to use, free to a good home?

    Much obliged.


    Create a new account, your get a free months Live.

    I feel your pain with the COD withdrawal symtoms

    How i miss having to pay to play online gaming and sending 7 consoles back to Germany............ not!
    Buy a ps3!!!!

    Sent you one let me know if its ok.


    Original Poster


    Sent you one let me know if its ok.Chaos

    Thanks for that, massive help! :thumbsup:

    No. 1 - I have a PS3, but chose MW2 on 360
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