Anyone have an amazon mastercard?

are they worth it?


Get a L'oreal one.


OP - do you have any friends? Real ones?

I'm surprised it says Amazon and not Android

I have a visa card. these are great if you use your credit card alot.
£1 spent on card = 1 point
£1 spent on using card gets 2 points

every 100 points collected equates to a 1 pound voucher.
Redeem available from 500 points (£5.00 voucher)

If you spend £150 on anything within the first 90 days of opening you get a £15.00 play voucher.

I have an Amazon card, it's useful if you regularly use a credit card as every now and again you get vouchers to spend (I pay my balance off every month).
But if you're just getting it for the points/vouchers I wouldn't bother as it's every £1000 you spend that you get a voucher so for occasional use it would take ages to build up enough points.

The amazon one gives points like the play one mentioned above. It also keeps on extending the introductory offers (0% on balance transfers etc). It came with a £30 off at amazon only offer which was great.

I use it online only and have had no issues with it. It needs a lot of purchases to get money off through the redeemed points...

Original Poster


OP - do you have any friends? Real ones?

i have many, thanks for your concern


i have many, thanks for your concern

Are they all as naive as you Peter?


I said real ones. Inflatables are not real
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