anyone have an email address for tazandsaz?

    can someone pm it please. I require it for the xbox 360 pes2008 liga.



    tazandsaz received an infraction (2 points) in the FS/FT forum last week for listing an iterm for sale in someone else's thread. A member held in such high esteem should know better than to do this.

    FS/FT bans normally carry a 1-day ban (2 points = 1 day ban), however tazandsaz already had an infraction point from something else, and 3 points = 1 week ban. Hence, they've been banned for a few days.

    Hope that answers your question, and we all look forward to tazandsaz' return.

    Heh, changing your OP so my reply looks entirely relevant.:p


    Heh, changing your OP so my reply looks entirely relevant.:p

    Ooohhh..that was sneaky wasn't it!!

    So, definitely stalking the duck now. GSOH, famous script-writer, amusing u-tubes, an interesting taste in music AND sensitive.

    will send it now hu5.

    Original Poster

    thanks please lock.


    thanks please lock.

    Virtual lock now on (its only virtually locked though so be careful)

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