Anyone have an idea of what trade in prices are

    at HMV compared to the likes of game or CEX.

    Im looking to trade in

    GTA liberty City Episodes
    Uncharted 2
    UFC 09



    Dont know, but i would have thought CEX would beat HMV hands down at trade in... IMO

    traded some stuff at hmv yesterday as cex in leicester weren't doing cash trade ins.prices for trade in for store credit were same as cex's cash prices so fairly decent.

    ive heard HMV Pay quite a bit! Yet to test them though, i would also like to know.

    traded in a few games the other day at hmv.

    red dead redemption £30
    modern warfare 2 £15
    world at war £8

    compare them to cex's price and you could get a rough idea

    i usaully find HMV will pretty much give the same as cex does but in store credit. They easily beat gamestation for me.. its a shame that the games in there are never cheap as thats what i'm usaully after when i trade old games in.
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