Anyone have any experience with mobiles.co.uk?

Found 3rd Mar 2014
its that time of the year when i get round to upgrading my phone. i've been looking around at a few sites and mobiles.co.uk seems to offer me exactly what i want.

however, i am slightly perplexed as to how they have offers that just dont exist on the networks site? i'm also slightly concerned that the deal almost looks too good to be true.

so i was just wondering if anyone had any experience with them, and if so what was it like?

EDIT: related question

on a related note, does anyone have any experience with affordablemobiles.co.uk?
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Generally I have found them to be good.. If it is a cashback deal you are going for - make sure you know exactly when you need to claim... Of all the phone companies I found e2save the best for actually giving you something thst said you needed to claim between the dates x & y...
They are part of Carphone Warehouse ,I use them all the time with no problems at all
your reply's give me a bit more confidence, so thanks for that. i was also slightly worried by their low rating on trustpilot: http://www.trustpilot.co.uk/review/www.mobiles.co.uk

anyway, thanks for the replies
I have seen people complain about Mobiles and not paying cashback but, then again I think people love to moan and have seen the same for every company who offers cashback. So I was a bit dubious the first time I used them. As it happens, the deal I got at the time was the best available, even without cashback.

They paid the cashback without problem though and have had a couple of contracts with them now, both of which had cashback by redemption and never had any problems, just as long as you remember to send the info to them they need, when you need to :).
I've purchased from Mobiles.co.uk and the phone buying experience I have no issues with.

I'd avoid like the plague their redemption deals. I took one out with them and they just ignored every single claim despite being done exactly when required and to the letter of their terms. In the end I got bored of trying to get a response from the company. I'll never be using mobiles.co.uk again on principle as a result, but other phone purchases I have made went without issue when it came to the phone turning up as promised.
I have ordered from them for my last 2 phones no problem. Cashback was tracked and paid from Top Cash back.
Getting them to pay out on the cash back is very hard, took many call and was given many excuses, more hassle than it was worth
I've had a good experience with them.

I think you'll find the people that complain are the ones who feel they have been hard done by and not received the cashback they were entitled to BUT most of the time that will be down to them and not the company.

IIRC the rules were simple(but vaired dependant on term length):

1. Send my 6th bill to them (was done by sending an email with a .pdf copy)
2. they send a cheque
3. I cash the cheque
4. Repeat steps 1-3 on months 12,15 and 18.
I had nothing but praise for this company. I took out a SIM only redemption deal with them, yes, there were issues to begin with. The IT department put on my account as 24 months contract instead, so I wasn't able to upload my bill on the site.

Instead, I sent them an email of my bill and they sorted it out for me really quickly (within 3 working days).

I got all my queries dealt within 3 working days, so IMHO it's a really good company. HTH
We had two contracts with cashback.
Most cashback went smoothly, but a couple of times they rejected the claim only to pay once I queried it.
tbh I prefer non cashback deals, but mobiles.co.uk are genuine and do pay out if you follow their rules.
I have ordered from them 2 years ago, everything went fine until the last stage of The cash back. What happened was I had to submit my last cash back. But I did not want my contract to roll on after the cash back period was over so you can only submit the invoice after the last month of your contract, but before I could get this they deleted my account online Because contract was ended then came the nightmare, soo many calls made emails sent they said it will be sorted and everything and to submit it a alternative way then it got rejected to no fault of my own then I gave up. Their cs is good generally from my previous calls but I think they did not know what to do in my situation.
on a related note, does anyone have any experience with affordablemobiles.co.uk?
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