anyone have any idea's what i can put into new baby gift baskets?

    I'm so excited my sister is having twins and has just found out she is having a girl and a boy, they will be first first children so i want to make up two special gift baskets (girly baby pink & light blue for the boy) i've just ordered some mam bottles in the right colours, anyone have any ideas what would be useful to put in? thanks in advance.


    botty cream
    baby soap/sponge
    nail clippers
    pamper stuff for mum
    vest/baby grows

    Do you have a dunnes? I got a gorgeous blue soft blanket from there when my son was born, they came in pink also, were £8 each tho, but soooo gorgeous.

    AVCHD Camcorder
    46" Panasonic G15 Plasma TV
    Blu-ray Player
    Google Nexus One/iPhone 3GS 32GB
    you want more ideas?

    Bit last minute but I'd say essentials are newspapers from the day they are born, (nip out and get the times as soon as you hear). Also, and a bit more expensive but very thoughtful, someone bought all my children the coins of the realm from the year they were born. I think they're direct from the royal mint, and come beautifully gift packaged for new babies. Again, last minutey but a CD of the top 40 singles or something would be smashing to look back on when they've grown up a bit. Try to think of things no-one else will consider getting, and you'll get really great, thoughtful gifts that they'll still have when they go on to have their own babies years down the line.


    new born sleepsuits, everyone buys 0-3m and even Nexts up to a month swamped my little girl when she was born, when my dad called to ask what i would like, it was newborn sleepsuits!

    these are nice also, i got mine done at John Lewis but they cost lots!…ore

    Things like infacol, bonjella will always get use up.

    Ah, were you looking for useful things? I was thinking of things you keep forever, as a mother! Romantic things you just don't get yourself!
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