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    I ordered a Microwave from some 6 weeks ago and received email confirming delivery within 3 days, having paid by credit card. After few days, Nothing happened and I emailed them which came reply out of stock. I have emailed recently and heard nothing. I checked the web and everything seems out of stock so looks like to me gone bankrupt????? Anyone confirm??

    I have received my credit card statement and confirmed the cash had been taken:x


    I ordered a washing machine from them in the new year which never appeared and they wouldn't reply to my emails. Filed a claim with my credit card (barclaycard) issuer who gave me a full refund and informed me that they were considering taking legal proceedings against them due to the "unusually high number of claims being made by their clients against the retailer".

    Don't know whats happened to them though to be honest as i never heard anymore.

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    Thanks for the input. I realised it was a sort of scam - the comapny should have closed down years ago but still continue trading:x
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