Anyone have experience with Amazon US Global Store Priority Delivery?

Posted 17th Mar 2023 (Posted 23 h, 1 m ago)
Just curious if anyone has any experience with buying from Amazon US items on the UK website and paying extra for the global store priority delivery? It says 2-5 business days but not sure if it'll actually arrive that fast since it says the estimate is 29 Mar. 2023 – 4 April 2023.

If you've used it before, how fast did your item arrive?
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    I have got stuff in less than a week with nothing extra to pay on delivery. It is 2-5 business days after the item is actually shipped, not after you place the order.
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    Yep, exactly the same experience as @bozo007

    Ordered cheap things and expensive things, all came between 7 to 10 days

    Only issue you may have is with returns or dealing with CS, but otherwise, if it's cheaper, place your order without any worries
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