Anyone have experience with UWA lenses, what would you recommend?

Found 28th Nov 2017
Was looking for an UWA lens for my DX cam and found out you can take astral shots with them. Was leaning towards the Tokina 11-20 f2.8 but wanted to know if f3.5 is okay or is it too small because then I might lean towards the Sigma 10-20 f3.5 for the extra mm of wideness.

Anyone have these lenses, what you think about the quality and usage etc?
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I'm not familiar with those lenses and don't do astro photography.
But just looking at the lenses f stop values, especially if that value is fixed throughout the zoom range.
I would go for the Tokina f2.8 lens, because it will let 2/3 of a stop more light into the camera, than the f3.5 lens for the same exposure settings.

If the difference was 1 full stop between the lenses, the slower lens would have to exposure the scene for twice the duration. Compared to the faster f2.8 lens, just to get the same exposure.

If you want the stars to be sharp, with no motion blur, you need to take the photo as fast as possible.
To do this, your obviously have to increase the ISO, but if you're using a slow lens, you'd need to increase the ISO even further, but you'd get extra noise as a result.

If you do a search for "astro photography 500 rule" or "astro photography 600 rule".
You'll see info about what setting you need to prevent motion blur in the stars based on the focal length you've set.

As I mentioned, I've no experience with these lenses. I'm just basing my thoughts on the f stop.
My advice is always buy the best quality lens you can afford (or even can't afford).
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