Posted 14th Jun 2022 (Posted 2 h, 52 m ago)
Hello all! I'm moving to an apartment in Liverpool where they specify that you have to use the InternetTY provider. After a quick Google, reviews are not all that positive. I wondered if anyone here had any first-hand experience with them?

The quote for the packages are £30 pcm for 100mb, £25 pcm for 60mb, and £20 pcm for 30mb. I'd normally go for 100mb but if they're that iffy and speeds are all over the place, I might as well save the fiver each month

Thanks in advance for any help!
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    Could you not just get a 5g contract? If you're in an apartment, I would imagine you will have good reception.
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    Because they don't want 100 dishes & aerials plastered all over the building.

    30mbps is fine for 1 person. (edited)
    What's that got to do with it? It's Internet.
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    Have you asked why.
    It's all in the contract. There's a management firm running the buildings (it's a gated community), I presume they don't want the hassle of other workers coming in. Or more likely they get some kind of cut from the ISP as everyone has to sign up with them if they want internet.
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    I don't understand why that is a term of tenancy. Just get your own supplier in.
    This is from the contract:

    "Internet in your property is provided by a designated 3rd party supplier Internetty. You will be offered multiple competitively priced internet connection packages to choose from. However, you are not allowed to bring in any internet services provided by other suppliers into your apartment. Therefore, if you enter into this Tenancy agreement you agree to use the services provided by Internetty exclusively."

    A little draconian if you ask me!
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    Do you HAVE to take this contract ? What if you dont want any Internet services? Just tether from your mobile or similar type services that require no installation etc? (edited)
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