Anyone have issues with Iwantoneofthose aka IWOOT before?

    I placed an order on the 12 December at 10pm at 3am on the 13th December i get a dispatch notification for one of the items ... with no tracking information and with note of On or before 20th December *

    So everything pretty much has turned up. one of the mine largest items with the note of on or before the 20th no sign of and no one at the company can even tell me which courier was used or a tracking number other than it was dispatched.

    I contacted them to query all of this and they said "please allow up to 30 days for delivery after that we will investigate" so ok you want me to wait until 12th January for christmas presents ordered! before you will find any information for me!

    They've annoyed me even more so because another item i ordered which was supposed to arrive next day arrived yesterday 19th December! item shows on their site as…tml

    And the item their selling and dispatching is…png

    Which is completly different, Iwoots response is to return the item for a refund or they will investigate after 30 days!!!! now if they had of just delivered the item on the 14th as stated i could have sorted this out but instead using yodel and delivering 5 days after stated date and 5 days before christmas there's no possible way of sorting.

    So yeah i feel like their trying to say somehow its my fault as i should have placed the order 30 days before i required the items, they don't even seem to want to give me simple information such as courier or tracking numbers and yet i spent over £140! in my first order with them and the items were excluded from using discount vouchers only found out after placing order that they have a hidden exclusion list! which you must manually search page by page.


    cancel the whole order, return everything and go shopping is the only advice i can offer

    They cancelled my order and waited a month for my refund only got it when I blasted them on Twitter and told them I was starting to charge them a daily interest rate on my money. Will never use them again

    Part of The Hut Group - They often keep products listed on their sites even when they are out of stock. They won't inform you said product is out of stock, and will wait up to 30 days to see if they get any in to send out, from returns etc.

    Their whole sales process is an absolute joke, along with their refund/returns process.

    Original Poster

    I wanted to ask them publically on facebook how is this.
    supposed to be this

    they are 2 different figures with the same character although their claiming they are the same.
    i got a response to my complaint email which was useless rather than responding to me with a tracking number or courier information or even to explain how the product listed on their site isn't the one they are selling, they have sent me a royal mail 48 hour return form from a donotreply email address.

    as for returning my whole order and going shopping it's the 20th December, i have spent all my money on christmas shopping already the items i purchased are more expensive in the shops also and they would get the return on 22nd Dec then take 30 days to refund.

    I had a problem with them a couple of Christmases ago. I ordered a product and they sent me something different. Contacted them and they said to return and they would refund and to place the order again. So I sent the item back and placed another order before I'd received the original refund as I needed the item in time for Christmas. Unbelievably they sent the the same incorrect item again! Again I contacted them and they said my item was out of stock which is why they had sent me an alternative. As instructed I returned the second item and waited for me refund. By February I still hadn't received my refund so as I had paid by PayPal I opened cases against them and miraculously I received my full refunds within 24 hours. oO Good luck!

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    Well i found out something proper cheeky, a poster frame i ordered from them for £18.99 they couldn't tell me the courier used or any details etc, i actually ordered the same poster frame from a ebayer for £14.00 i thought i purchased 2 off the ebayer but nope i only bought 1 ... both poster frames turned up at the same time.

    On closer inspection i relised my address is listed completly different format on both poster labels, so IWOOT charged me £18.99 and bought the poster frame off an ebayer for £14.00 even the return address on the poster is the same buisness name and address as the ebayer, i contacted the ebayer and they have no connection to the hut company and wern't aware they were doing this.
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