Anyone have one full time and 2nd job part time?

Posted 6th Mar 2023 (Posted 4 h, 41 m ago)
my partner and I are both full time but still struggling per month to save for anything and are slowly dipping into the little savings we have.

I work 9-5pm ( food retail)
Mrs 8 - 2pm ( nursing home)

So I'm looking at another 2nd job, I've been looking at Amazon flex and other delivery just eat jobs. But kinda off put as its more wear/miles on the car etc.

I don't have any qualifications but maybe I could do something that could help gain a better job for the future.

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  1. gazdoubleu's avatar
    What about 2nd job gardening especially now spring is around the corner? You can probably ask 15 an hour it'll kep you fit and not much outlay to start. Most old people just want someone that's gonna be reliable that can do a half decent job at mowing the lawn and keeping the weeds at bay.
  2. Hiroki's avatar
    I work for amazon (part time) and the rest of the time at my own micropub.
    My partner works for the tax office.

    Amazon is awful but I worked at Tesco before that which was worse.
  3. KatieMarsden91's avatar
    Career change? Police; Prison service; Probation Service? Entry levels jobs require almost no qualifications 
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    Hmmm maybe a career change. But no police or prison work. Not one for confrontational people (edited)
  4. Toon_army's avatar
    My mate works for just or uber eats and said he makes really good money he said he looks at jobs and if the pay is low skips to the next.
    Think loads of people are struggling with stuff, world's gone nuts since covid
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    Definitely a struggle these days. I'm thankful we can just make it each month but it's becoming awkward and not going out etc.

    Hmm might look into Uber Eats or Amazon Flex? (edited)
  5. Misslovely's avatar
    Your partner isn’t full time hours.
    What is your retail wage? Sainsburys offer £11 so if you’re getting less I’d go there.
    Ask your partner to get you a evening or weekend shift as there’s loads of jobs for care homes

    Also domino do free car insurance if that’s what you prefer. Obviously you need to think of car and fuel. You get £10 an hour plus £1 per delivery.
    Jobs there every time as people leave so don’t worry as you should easily get a job there
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    Mrs has to look after kids 😁 so more than full time on 11ph... Tesco are getting paid more I think? 11:75 an hour with their rise.
  6. Lil6ix's avatar
    Easy thing to get into without going back to uni/college is IT. I made a £200 investment in doing two courses online and got a job about two weeks after and did it all in 2-3 months.
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    I did study back in 2012 as computer support tech. But never used the qualifications. And no idea where certs are now
  7. Nikita_Percival's avatar
    Just remember, second job higher tax. The tax men are absolute *&6(&£. In all honesty the pay your getting is decent, even my employees just get that as trained dispensers.
    Could you ask for overtime in work or cover two stores? Like a relief job? Or even look at career progression and using the company for the additional training/qualifications? I’m in my second apprenticeship with the same company in 3 years, and already moved up the banding
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    They currently have no overtime but maybe soemthing I might look at. Hmm don't really wanna progress with the company either. Yeah seems very much a pita with more tax for a 2nd job. Probably not even worth the 16hrs work extra
  8. fiestasteve44's avatar
    I do Amazon Flex. There are tips and tricks to make it pay. It is a good earner once you have learned the system, I can see why people would quit etc but from my point of view am more than happy with it and it fits my lifestyle well.
  9. sidhoooooo's avatar
    If you're after delivery driving, try Chinese/Indian, you'd probably have to sort your own insurance, however mainly regular customers
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    Good point. You need business insurance if doing uber deliveries etc.
    49710493_1.jpg49710493_1.jpg49710493-3q6N3.jpgDon't be this guy (edited)
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