Anyone have problems with 3

    My Girlfriend is with 3 Mobile and since her upgrade to Nokia 6500 the phone doesnt function very well.

    Cuting off all the time.
    Messages like " Memory not available"
    Phonebook not available!
    When these things happen the Batteries runs down within minutes,

    very annoying. Has anyone experiences anything similar with 3.


    I think most people have a problem with 3


    Alan Carr made a few jokes about them on tv:thumbsup:

    He did indeed :thumbsup:

    You mean three are rubbish? Damn I have over 100 three payg sims in front of me too :w00t:No wonder got them for a few quid:whistling:



    I think most people have a problem with 3

    Not me, they are quality! :-D

    3G phones, general are bad on juice because 3 uses at lot of power.

    Here is some pointers,
    Switch off Bluetooth, WIFI , if possible

    improves battery life, in a big way....Coverage it very strange, there is a website from provider that should be able to tell if its got coverage

    Surely this is a problem with the phone not the network?

    (queue 'Don't Call me Shirley Jokes'):whistling:

    Original Poster

    No its the Nokia 6500 Classic!

    Never had a problem with 3.

    Sounds like a faulty phone.

    That's the phone, not the network. You need to call them and get them to fix. How long have you had the phone ?

    Original Poster

    Its my Girlfriends, i think she got it about July or so, problems started about October
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