Anyone have the Archos 605 ?

    Was thinking about buying it, the net has rave review's all over.

    Does is play avi's straight out of the box?

    How easy is it to use?

    Does it fit in your pocket?

    Help me out :thumbsup:


    Getting it soon! :thumbsup:
    Also check this post:
    for more info!

    Thought it better to ressurect an old thread thanstart a new one.

    I'm very keen on getting my grubby mitts on this puppy, and was wondering, what do need to consider if thinking about buying ity from the States?

    Amazon have the 160GB £379 (less than £200 at current exchange) which is an absolute bargain.…8-1

    I've never bought electricals from the states, so I just want to be sure there will be no compatability issues...

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