Anyone have the new Apple Magic Mouse?

I had to take my Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse back to PC World today because it kept losing connectivity and I asked them if I could exchange it for the new Apple Magic Mouse if I paid the extra £7 or £8 towards it.

They didn't have any in stock but exchanged my faulty Wireless Mighty Mouse for a brand new one and told me that if I bring the mouse back again when they get a delivery of the new Magic Mouse, they will exchange it over (which I think is pretty good of them!)

Anyway, the main reason I want to exchange for the new Magic Mouse is because the Mighty Mouse has a stupid roller ball scroller which often gets clogged up and is really annoying to clean out so as the Magic Mouse has no scroller (or buttons) it sounds ideal! but I can't find any reviews of it because it is quite new so I am wondering if anyone here has got the Magic Mouse, if so, is it any good?! To buy brand new they are £55 so I would like to think they are pretty dam good for that sort of money!

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I love it :-)
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