Anyone have these probs? Toshiba EP30? firmware update EP30 and EP35

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Found 20th Apr 2008
We currently have 2 Toshiba Ep30's. Both of them freeze on certain films. You have to turn it off and start again and fast forward past them. Sometimes where it freezes is different.

Its happened on both the dvd players and on a couple of films now. Theres no marks on the discs and both dvd players are up to date with the latest whatever it is you download (hubby does it all)

Anyone else had this prob?

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I've had similar problem on some movies, apparently it's inherent with the player. Some people have stated on here that certain discs have a fine layer covereing the surface which if washed off gently with some warm soapy water will remedy..although I guess you could run the risk of damaging the disc unless careful.

Combo format discs are likely to glitch more owing to the way they're written.

If both players freeze at the same point in the same movie, then surely this points towards the disc more I would suggest.

Toshiba UK helpdesk can be reached direct on 01276 694530 (Mon-Fri) who will send you the latest firmware disc if you ask nicely, so at least you know for sure you're upto date.
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