anyone have virtua tennis 3 ps3?

    ok i am thinking of getting virtua tennis 3 but would like to know how the motion sensitive play is. can anyone who has that game on ps3 tell me how it is and is it anygood?


    It's probably just the tilt sensor in the axis pad so you move the pad and the player moves etc....

    we have it and I would say its fairly sensitive but its not intuitive IYKWIM.
    You can have it set for either using the motion of the ps3 controler or using the buttons.
    Love the training section on it

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    kool so its not like swinging the racket with the controller is it?

    Nah you tilt the joypad to move and kind of jerk to hit (or use the button) if you've played the demo for that duckgame in the bath then its a little like that
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