Anyone having problems downloading OS4 Iphone firmware

    Anyone having problems trying to download the new iPhone os4 firmware?

    I have tried to download it 3 times but about halfway through the process I keep getting a message saying that connection has been lost and to check firewall settings and internet settings

    I know my Internet and firewall are ok as other downloads are going through


    just downloaded it, seems fine.. .restoring iphone now you not getting an error code?


    Yes. Loads of times earlier.

    I downloaded it in 15 mins from felixbruns, I recommend it.
    I have always used the site as it holds every firmware released for the iPhones! - its great for restores. :thumbsup:

    I've had loads of trouble, a few error codes has took me about 3 hours all together!
    But I'm all up and running now, wish I stayed with 3.1.3 :w00t:

    Original Poster

    Think I will give it a try again tonight and hopefully have more luck

    1st impressions on my 3G -
    I like the folder option to tidy apps

    But no multitasking and no speeding up

    Other minor improvements to mail, photo's etc not worth a mention imho.

    Quite disappointed really direct apple links

    I downloaded off there when it first came out in 6 minutes

    Thanks for all good advise..will check direct links later

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    Downloaded direct through itunes before and took 6 minutes

    Had a quick look and the main benefit for me is having the folders rather than going through pages of my apps I can quickly just search through the few folders instead

    Any chance you have ESET anti virus?

    If so, disable it and try downloading it again. Or like the above, just grab it from one of the links

    i installed the new 5.0 software for my iphone 4 3g, and my songs werent working on it, it would skip over a majority of them, most non working. i also have the same problem with my ipad, newly bought as well. i reinstalled the software on both devices but im still having issues with them, mostly the iphone. words with friends is really slow to load and freezes the screen. it slowed down my iphone tremendously. the ipad not so much. anyone have some feedback?
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