Anyone having problems paying for Uber eats via Revolut disposable or virtual debit card since it switched to MasterCard?

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Posted 20th Dec 2020
Revolut cards, virtual and physical have always been the Visa brand for me and it worked for Uber eats without any issues. Since the switch to MasterCard last week, I’ve not been able to pay using my Revolut disposable or virtual card for Uber eatsat all. My friends seem to be experiencing the exact same issue as me.

Usually, as soon as I’ve added my disposable card I get an authorisation notification on my Revolut app. The authorisation is successful immediately and I am then able to put my order through.

However, since the switch to MasterCard, I’ll try to add my card and I do get the authorisation notification but this time it’s “pending” and it just stays stuck on that for days. Deleting the card and generating a new one doesn’t make a difference. I have enough funds in my Revolut account so it can’t be that either. I’ve spoken to Revolut support who can’t help at all, they keep saying that an authorisation hold can last up to 7 days, possibly more.

Same issue with my virtual card.

I feel almost certain that the switch to MasterCard has something to do with it. Is anybody else experiencing the same or any ideas as to what is causing this issue?

Many thanks.
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