Anyone having problems reciving things from abroad

Found 21st Jun 2007
I ordered a DVD from Hong Kong, a PS1 game from US, and a graphics card from Hong Kong on the 24th May, none have turned up, despite all sellers having good Ebay feedback.

Its only my current address, I reckon post office is stealing mail, as postie never knocks, puts card through door pretending he rang buzzer(I have been awake each time he has come round)

Even a XBOX360 game sent around same time from UK though went missing, as did a bank card addressed to me, and a pin number, and a postal order.

Essentially anything of value which is sent non trackable goes missing, everything sent tracked arrives, so im suspicious.
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Report this to royal mail, or even the police. Theft is very serious and a pain. and also report thos to your ebay seller if insurance is on it, he may be able to get your money back

looks like your having a spate of bad luck Hope things get better
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