Anyone having problems with HUKD?

    I am having major issues here! I should always be signed in to HUKD yet today it keeps switching between showing me as signed in and then if I click on another forum I seem to get signed out. Also my view keeps changing from text (which is what I have it on) to the "normal" view.

    What is going on!


    same here! it was happening earlier this morning too!

    Lots of problems today including the one's you've mentioned. Just sit back and hold tight :thumbsup:

    it happened this morning to me kept signing out...been fine since-but a few people said the same today.

    Same here... I even rebooted my PC.. when I logged in it was then OK.

    Theres a whole thread about it somewhere, its been really bad all day.

    It's been bad all day long.
    No-one is updating us as to what is going on ( or not as the case may be ).

    Emma, are you still on?
    Can you tell us what is happening please.

    I am having the same problem. It keeps logging me out :?

    Fingers crossed it is sorted out soon.


    Same here... I even rebooted my PC.. when I logged in it was then OK.

    I rebooted as well and all was fine for a little while, then it started to log me out again.

    Expired thread, as lots of threads about this already.
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