Anyone Having Problems With Nero + Mix 14027?

    I was trying to write a DVD using Nero, but it failed .

    I noticed that they've updated to version in the past couple of days, so I'm going to give that a go later.

    Nero Mix is also updated.

    Traffic on the site is heavy right now, so not easy to download quickly.

    Hopefully that will cure the problem though.

    - acecatcher3


    am only using so can't help u there

    i've had lots of problems in the past with burning dvds - takes hours to make the vob files from mpegs (ages longer than the average times people tell me about or i read about on dvd sites) and even longer when i first have to convert them from avi :shock:

    i've tried all sorts of programs to make the vob files and all sorts to burn them but i mostly get errors

    need to take some time, sit down and work at it properly!!

    have 2 dvd writers and should be making use of them instead of still making vcds!!!

    Original Poster

    Those AVI convertors are really slow, I gave up on them.

    In general, Nero recodes + writes pretty fast, normally about twenty five minutes at the most, sometimes just fifteen minutes including lead in + lead out.

    Do you get slow speeds even dropping data onto the disc?

    Oh one other thing, some of the DVD media when used with Nero, I've had to set the burn speed to the highest amount [not maximum in the drop down list]. Have to set it to the disc speed [8x disc, set at 8 not max].

    i haven't tried for a few months now as i got so fed up with it, i gave up!! when i did try it would take, on average, about 5 total hours to turn an mpg movie into vob files and burn them - and usually get an unusable disc :shock: way too long methinks... and that was without having to convert an avi first!!

    i generally download avis as they're smaller so quicker and there's generally loads more of them than mpgs (for things that i want anyway) - a movie can take about 3 or 4 hours to convert tho so they're annoying... but i just leave them converting while i nap

    have never tried the pioneer dvd writer i got since then so *fingers crossed*

    will definitely try again soon!


    I was trying to write a DVD using Nero, but it failed [first DVD … I was trying to write a DVD using Nero, but it failed [first DVD to do that on my writer].I noticed that they've updated to version in the past couple of days, so I'm going to give that a go later.Hopefully that will cure the problem though.:D

    Sometimes Ahead do add some interesting odd features when they do an update, hopefully v6.6.0.6 will fix it for you... I would assume that coz an update appeared so quickly, the v6.6.0.5 had a problem of sorts...

    otherwise, I would suggest going back to the last previous version that did work for you till they get their act together... you can simply tell it to update with the older version as you would normal update, works fine, done it many a time when strange features appeared in the past...

    Original Poster

    That's what I do, a roll back. It was the file I was trying to recode that was at fault :roll:

    Slinks you might be interested in trying this for your DivX conversions:

    [color=blue]VSO DivXtoDVD - CLICK HERE[/color]

    Only 2.32Mb download.

    fab, thanks mate!!

    i think it'll be a trial version but that's still great cos i want to try it. i'll update!!

    thankuuuuuuuuuuuuuu x

    Original Poster

    Oh yeah Didn't notice it's a trial version. If had software classed as free in the past, it was free. Now they don't bother with classing it as shareware, which trial versions are really.

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