anyone having problems with nzbmatrix

Found 5th Feb 2011
as above, take ages to log in and when it does eventually takes even longer to view comments and click the nzb/zip file.
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Seems to be down at moment for me and a friend.
was just wondering why the site wasn't loading, not only me then.
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yeah checked is it down and it's not just me but managed eventually get access, bloody kids wanting a film d/l. remember something on the site few weeks back about changing the address cos of the Canadian d/l thing, maybes that has something to do with it.
Been down for a few hours. Last time I checked, claimed it was up
It's working for me, not sure if it's back working, or whether it's because I have stayed logged in since early this afternoon.
not working for me-plenty other sources tho-I never read the comments on there anyways since they seem to be mostly posted by people who havent actually watched the download. People claming sync problems when there arent any,and even comments about people walking in front of the screen on dvdrips and screeners! long ago decided the comments were utterly worthless-only takes ten minutes to download a movie so I prefer to decide for myself.
Working for me now... rather ironic the first post item is:

The Troll Hunter Norwegian 2010 720p AC3 BRRip XviD ViSiON NZB
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