anyone having t mobile signal problems?

    my phone just froze (n95 very common) so i switched it off and on again and its took about 20 times to get past the loading screen i now finally have it on but there is no signal at all and i always have full bars in my area and al around my house

    anyone else having problems? it aint my battery its full, just checked me memory card in the pc and its fine and the sim is also ok as i can enter my address book etc

    but also even if it is a tmobile signal problem why is my phone not loading up properly? i havent dropped it or anything :?




    hey shorty, funny you should say that my daughters phone did this earlier in the week, we are both on t-mbile and her phone did exactly as yours did, turned it off then on again and no signal whatsoever, yet mine was full strength, it came back after about an hour i think, how strange eh

    My grans is yeah

    Original Poster

    i manually scanned for tmobile in my network settings got it and it went to 1 bar out of 6 then said network error

    i scanned manually again and can now find every network bar tmobile

    Full bars here on Virgin (they piggy back on Tmob)

    we've been having network problems here too. THought it was just my phone but apparently not
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