Anyone having trouble with Millets, Blacks and Ultimate Outdoors?

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I have been trying now for over a week to order a whole load of camping gear, I know its all under the one umbrella but the website is really bad just now, yet I haven't seen anyone complaining about it.

I've tried Chrome, Safari, IE and Firefox, I even went on at 2am last night and all the websites were the same, I also do realise its the height of camping season but this is not happening on Go Outdoors etc

After being on for a few minutes and trying to load something else, or even the basket, it takes forever and ends up displaying a white screen

I have been told to try my local shop but I won't be able to go through Topcashback and some of the items they say are not on the discount code.

Anyone else having issues or have tried and gave up?
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No issues from me just looking at the sites now. If I find issues with a website they get one more chance through another browser and maybe another try the next day and then I’ll buy elsewhere.

You could go to the store and ask for a discount similar to the cash back you’d get - worth a try
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