Anyone heard of a Fatboy Hammock?

    I was in selfridges the other day with wifey and saw this amazing looking hammock with a price tag of £300. Now I can't stop thinking about it but it's crazy expensive. Just wondering if anyone else have heard of this brand and are they any good? I could start saving for Christmas pressie for myself now... :P

    But is the price worth it for just a hammock?…8-6


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    If it's the same company then Fatboy are known for making beanbags.

    They are the same.…A1A
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    It looks similar to mine, the one I bought came with a 10yr guarantee, they are the king of the hammocks, they are cheaper than £300, I've had mine for about 3 years now it was a starter set, and cost about £70, it's still in excellent condition and is my fav garden item, I have nice chilled out time on there

    You basically pick your frame, and then your hammock separate, or you can buy the pair as a set. If you hunt the net you can find them cheaper. But their site is a good starting point. It's here

    I would recommend them, i have had a few hammocks, this is the nicest and most durable vie ever had, when I move and get a nicer garden gonna get a second one.
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