Anyone heard of Bedmark in Dewsbury??

    I've seen a bed on their website which I like but I can't find any reviews on this company... am I being paranoid for thinking that because their contact numbers are 0871 they might be a bit dodgy?

    Plus their returns policy is terrible... but the bed's so cheap compared to everywhere else!



    Best thing to do is call them and make your mind up from there, most companies use non-geographic number s now don't they?

    Hi I have used them, I was a little cautious so obviously used the credit card.

    I believe it is a home based company (nothing wrong with that)

    They promised to deliver a guest bed within 15 working days ...and they did in 9 working days, it was a very good price and included free delivery.

    One word of warning the delivery is to the door not to the room of your choice so take that into consideration if you cannot get help.

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