Anyone heard of Cyota Inc?

    I tried to pay a bill online the other day and even thought I knew I had enough money in my account it kept being declined by the bank. This was strange as I had just run an account query 2 mins previously!! I rang the bank and they said that I had had 2 card transactions to Cyota Inc that had gone out of my account- no way had I authorised this!! The upshot is that my bank is raising a fraudulent claim on my account which I wait to hear about. The amounts requested were both small (but enough to make a difference when I tried to pay my bill!!)
    I have Googled Cyota Inc and it seems that they are movers and shakers in the world of credit card fraud detection services!!! It seems to me that its a cheeky use of the name by con artists somewhere along the line!!
    I just wondered if anyone else has had the same problem? I am seething over it- and now I have to wait 10 days for a new card to be issued into the bargain!!

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    Had a look for you sis. This is their website - I checked and they don't have a branch in the UK, but they do SELL the software to companies - so it will be branded as Cyota Inc.

    Take a chill pill and thank god you're not that pigeon. Haha - chill pill! Haha - you, relax!!:w00t:
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