Anyone heard of Landcorp or Ecobrasil investment scheme?

Found 26th Aug 2010

I recently received an newsletter from findaproperty.com advertsing thus:

Invest From £20,000 in Ecocity Brasil and enjoy 174–275% estimated returns*
"Destined to be Brazil's Largest Eco-friendly Tourist Resort

Your Opportunity to invest in development land at the "early stages" giving high estimated returns of 174-275% – Investment managed by Escrow Agent

20,000 acre site of which 60% environmentally protected with Conceptual Master Plan approved in 2008, full planning expected 2012 or soon after

Introduced to you by Landcorp International, marketing agent for Ecocity Brasil

Has anyone ever heard or had any dealings with Landcorp or know anything more about this Ecobrasil scheme?.

In short, it sounds way too good to be true & I complained to findaproperty.com that it must be a scam etc. I received a well polished & adamant response they are legitimate. All my findings online point to this too. I'm unable to find anything negative...

Other views would be welcome!
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does sound too good to be true-if they can offer 200 percent return why are they touting for business?

they should be oversubscribed at that rate methinks.

But findaproperty & other highly established/respected websites have endorsed them & the feedback is all positive. Most peculiar!
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.....
Be careful! It's a company in Spain, selling property in Brazil?!?!?! Quite recently several scamers (property + bond/shares) were jailed in Spain in the same region.
i have lived here in marbella south spain for 18 years and done the rounds as a sales jock in a lot of these firms. Landcorp international is a well known investment scam "boiler room" just like the others!! hidden behind legal loopholes which allow them to promise anything they want and boosted by very loose endorsments!!!

they make pretty brouchures with staged photos and smiling happy families just to keep investors on board for years while they use the money, only to disappear into the mist like the otheres when they get busted.

run away!!!
Where were you two years ago when this thread started?

Op Is probably destitute living out of a box by now. I hope you're happy
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