Anyone heard of shopandscan?

Found 24th Jul 2011
I've recieved a letter asking if I would like to take part.
Just wondering if anyone has done.

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My mum did it for a while, pretty good for just zapping your groceries as you put them away. AFAIK they are reliable payers, and offer a decent range of vouchers
Yes I use them, I get around £110 a year in vouchers, They are really quick in paying out too. I usually go for the amazon vouchers and they issue the code there and then.

Or if I pick Next vouchers they are through the door within the week.

when my PC went belly up I couldnt transmit my barcodes for about 2 months till we finally admitted defeat and bought a laptop, they kept sending me reminder cards to transmit, but they were happy to let me carry on zapping even after all that time.

Edit - the £110 only includes the scanning and petrol panel points, I would get more if i scanned reciepts and you get bonus points for questionnaires.
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never mind shopandscan i'm more interested in how you get post on Sundays?
PS anyone got an invitation code they can pass on?

PS anyone got an invitation code they can pass on?

Im not sure if it works that way, i just emailed them and forgot about it, about 10 months later i got an invite. I will look around the site for a code if they do them now

It just says if you want family and friends to join then to get them to fill out this short form, It asks at the bottom about panels you want to join, If you drive then just say you would like to help them by joining shop and scan and petrol panel.

Shop and scan
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Thanks, think I will give it a go then.
Yep I use them and its all easy to use. Have to go through IE though, will not accept an upload of the scanner through FF for me.

Don't miss a weeks scanning though. I get calls everyday if I've missed a week.
I've been doing it for a couple of years, it's very worthwhile. I'm not on the petrol panel but am on the snacks out one which is well paid. And occasional surveys come through too. There's a massive thread somewhere on MSE about S & S. I used to get Argos vouchers but take Amazon ones now.
I am a member of this swell it's good. We song up via some site cLled volunteer 4 panels. Or something like that

Works on pc only. Wich is shame as I own a Mac swell and that's used daily so but have to dig the laptop out weekly
Isn't shopping long enough without having to scan barcodes at the end of it. Benefit cutbacks really hitting hard eh.
Yes i have a friend that dose it, its good you get gift cards for high street shops for doing it, theres a waiting list thou and then you got to be invited to take part, i am still waiting,


no trying to use the phone to post on hotukdeals on 3g
yeh, we have used shopandscan for about 8 years & make over £100 a year thru it. It used to be very simple but recently some " expert" has decided to change the workings of their website causing a lot of extra hassle to get your vouchers. Still worth it tho!
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