Anyone heard of the assisted places childcare grant???

    My friend read about it on a website but there was hardly any info on it. It's a grant you apply for that gives £12 a week towards childcare.


    wont childtax credit help? as long as your working over 30hpw, i think you can get help to pay for childcare!

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    Thanks both but those aren't the ones.
    I'm not a student and have asked about tax credits if i went back to work but they told me I'd only get £26 childcare help so I'll have to keep doing a couple of evenings. Just though this sounded interesting as I've had post natal depression and my health visitor did try to get me some help with getting my eldest into nursery one day but our local childrens center wouldn't fund it.
    Never mind next year we'll get a funded nursery place for the 3 yr old so that will help a bit.

    Funnily enough, I have just been reading some comments on another parenting website about this - maybe the same site your friend saw.
    From what I can tell, you need to contact your local childrens information service, to see what you can get - it seems to be funded locally (although the comments I was reading were from people in wales).
    This website might help?

    EDIT - apparently come people have phoned 01245 440001 and were able to get info from people who knew about this grant.

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    I reckon it's a local scheme as it dosen't seem to be known about here and I did the 01245 and they couldn't help me!
    Thanks anyway
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