anyone heard or know of this?

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Found 6th Jul 2008…N9w

they reckon the pdf file explains how to repair badly charging power tool batteries

tried finding out more or free copy but I have drawn a blank.

Can anyone shed any light on this or is it a con?

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Probably telling ya to over charge the battery from a higher volt source, dangerous.

Best way to keep ya batteries good is to use til flat then fully charge, stops false memory.

I couldn't tell you either way, but something worth noting is that it's for NiCad batteries. NiCad batteries are rubbish. Their capacities are miniscule compared to the NiMH cells. If you're trying to restore some hefty, expensive batteries, fair enough. If you've just got a load of iffy old AAs though, scrap them and put the £3 towards a decent set of NiMHs.

They are selling the same one on Ebay for £2.50

Item number: 230268389123
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