1. Tes Deals

    anyone help me with tesco shopping online, first shop

    I have booked a delivery for 30th dec. lots of the offers end on 19th so i guess new offers start on 20th,
    Is it possible for me to just add say 4 bottles of wine to my basket to make up to the £50 and check out with my 1st order £10 off code then go back into it and edit on the 20th/21st to get the new deals, would i still get my £10 off first order code or once i change the basket will it delete the code ?
    thanks to anyone who can help.


    I think that it depends when your code is valid until, if it's still valid until 30th Dec you should be ok doing that.

    Hi, Yes you can add whatever you like initially to book your slot, then you can add, change, or delete your order up until the evening before your delivery. Go into your account, then my order and click change/amend. Just make sure you checkout after each change or your order will revert to the previous one. Enjoy.

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