anyone help with my new 42 inch television??

i have noticed that the quality of pic is nowhere near as good as in store, but knew that anyway.
However when its a dark scene there seems to be a lot of pixels in the background?
anything i can buy to make the pic better.
its ok on the inbuilt frreview, its just sky!


what are you using to connect the skybox to the TV?
aerial lead or scart?

of the 2, scart is best - but then you need to look at the actual scart lead. if it's the one that came with the Skybox, think about buying a better cable - it will make a difference! Think £10-£20 PER LEAD.

Afterall you've spent probably a fair bit on a 42" tv - don't use leads from poundland!

Next, it depends which channels on sky you are watching - some are better quality than others.

Another thing to look into will be the contrast ratios /brightness levels - have a good play around until you find a setting that looks good to you!

Also - set the skybox to output in RGB rather than PAL - this will improve the pic too!

Agreed, also have a play around with the contrast settings in your Sky Receiver.

Sky should be as good as the Freeview picture, on most channels.

Do you have both hooked up via scart? I'm wondering if one of the scart sockets is RGB enabled (which your freeview is currently plugged into) and the other is not, this seems to be quite common these days.

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