Anyone help with wires and cables on TV and boxes?

    Can anyone help me? I have a Sony TV with Freeview and Freesat, a sky box, and a TOSHIBA DVR20 DVD AND VCR RECORDER COMBI WITH FREEVIEW. I have HDMI cables and scart cables and co-axial(?) cables. I should be able to get sky on the Toshiba machine but the best I have managed is sky with no sound. I've got cables going everywhere in various combinations. How should it be connected properly, does anyone know?
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    Have you an optical cable? (for sound)

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    Have you an optical cable? (for sound)

    What is an optical cable? What does it look like and where would I get one please? Also, what does it plug into?


    optical cable used for connecting an external digital component(set top box) , buy from anywhere like comet or maplin

    But only buy an optical cable if you've got an amp with an optical in. Otherwise, buy a stereo phono to phono cable to send sound from your SKY box to your TV or amp.

    No sound on Sky is often due to a loose or poorly connected scart plug - it might be worth trying a different lead - assuming you are using a scart of course.

    Go to the Which web site and type in wiring up TV's or something similar and they give you a diagram and easy instructions on how to do it, I managed it myself and im a girl who knows nothing about things like this!
    Good luck.

    I take it the sky box is standard not HD, put ur coax into if sky box use a Scart from sky to dvdr ( tv in slot) then run hdmi (if the is a socket ) from the dvdr to the tv, if no hdmi socket on tv or dvdr use a Scart from the tv out on the dvdr to ur tv. No sound is prob a loose connection on the Scart check is pushed in firmly or switch the ends round, if still persists try a diff scart lead
    Hope this helps
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