Anyone here a Cirque du Soleil fan?

    I'm a big fan and am off to Vegas for NYE to see a few shows..

    Anyway.. the reason I ask is because I have a large wood mounted canvas print that I'm looking to sell (to go towards paying for my trip to Vegas!)
    I was going to sell it on ebay but I thought i'd test the water here first as it might save a lot of ebaying hassle!
    It's a really lovely piece (imo - you either love it or hate it) and not available easily... (I had to pay a lot to get it shipped over)
    I'm only selling this because by a huge mistake I ended up with 2. I'm keeping the 1st one - which was printed wrong and cost me again to get it remounted. The company then sent me a second one, professionally mounted and with certificate.. They let me keep the first one as compensation!
    The second one is the one I'm going to sell (So better than the one I'm keeping). It hasn't even been displayed!

    So... would anyone be interested?
    Anyone got an idea of what sort of price should I list it for if it ends up on ebay?


    Original Poster

    Sorry.. forgot to add the picture! (doh!)
    It's here: -

    It measures 24" by 36"

    I love Cirque du soleil! (duh)

    Just wish it was from something I'd seen :-(

    Original Poster

    It's actually advertising the very first show they did back in the 80's.. Not one I've seen either.
    Bought our tickets for 'Believe' in the Luxor the other night.. can't wait!
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