Anyone here a member of HEXUS forums?

Found 5th Nov 2007
Just wondering if anyone here is a member of HEXUS forums , and if yes, they could please alert the administrators etc. to there being problems with activation?

I registered yesterday morning, but despite re-requesting the activation email, and even changing my email address to another to see if that would make a difference, it didn't (it wasn't due to misspelt email addresses either, checked that) - so I suspect that there is something stopping activation emails actually getting sent out (it definitely isn't going into the spam box, I checked that first, and many times since).

Thanks :thumbsup:
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Their contact details:
Oh hang on, I can't log into my account either... it looks like they've upgraded the forum software
I'm able to log in myself, just that I obviously can't post etc. due to not being able to activate.

EDIT: Bah, now they're having database problems, so nothing is able to be read either.
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