Anyone here collect the Watchmen figures?

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Found 3rd Apr 2010
Just wanted to know.

Got Series 1 & 2 coming:

Dr.Manhatten, The Comedian, Ozmandias, Silk Spectre (classic),
Silk Spectre (modern), Nite Owl (modern), Nite Owl (classic), Rorshach

Are they any good figures I did a trade with a guy on another fourm for some mighty muggs.

I collect only mighty muggs, Dark Knight Movie Masters Figure and just got these because they look a awesome deal.

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I usually just collect horror and video game figures not got a big collection tho. Got 10 horror figures, 10 video game ones,Frank the bunny from donnie darko. And a few big trouble in little china ones aswell as a full set of korn figures. I have some other ones like a trinity from matrix and a couple of crow figures. Oh i also have david bowie from labyrinth as jareth.
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