Anyone here doing a dissertation?

    IM doing my dissertation at the moment but struggling with what needs to put where in the methodolody. My uni has given us an outline of what needs to go in there, but not explained what each of the headings are, ive been looking all over the net but cant find much which explains what they could mean.

    3.1. Chapter introduction
    3.2. Research approach (including justification)
    3.3. Research strategy (including justification)
    3.4. Time horizons (including justification)
    3.5. Research conduct (including sampling)
    3.6. Data handling
    3.7. Data quality
    3.7.1. Reliability
    3.7.2. Validity
    3.8. Chapter summary

    Any help is mucho appreciated


    The method will depend on the type of research you carring out. Depending on the discipline it could be qualitative or quanitative data or both depending on the research question. It may help to look at completed dissertations from you university to help know what is required. Without knowing the subject and level of study your undertaking its had to give focused advice. It best to look at similar studies/papers on the subject your studying and look at the pros and cons of methods they use to justify your choice. This activity could be referenced to the literature review.


    Im doing a literature dissertation so cant be of much help myself i'm afraid, but i can pm you the guideline project dissertation that our uni has given us - its a bit different to the one you have stated though. But it may be of help i dont know - pm if you want it:thumbsup:

    what are you doing it on?

    My room mate is doing a research dissertation for pharmacy so if i can get a hold of her (were on uni hols) i will ask here what they mean

    The "method" is basically about how you carry out the doing part of the of your research, i.e gathering primary data and analysing it. You should justify that the processes and procedures used used to carry out these activities are appropriate with references as necessary. The level of degree your doing will determine how rigourously these activity has have to be carried out.
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