Anyone here from Jersey? Know of any woollen mills?

    Hi guys,
    I'm trying to find some 100% wool Jersey knit fabric - its pretty rare and as it originates from Jersey I thought where better to search for it....

    except google keeps directing me to 'New Jersey' in the states, doesnt think its in the UK, and all my other searches have turned up nothing....

    If theres anyone who lives in Jersey who can give me the name of any wool mills over there I'd appreciate it, so I can contact them and ask whether they still do wool jersey knit fabric.

    Any help would be much appreciated!


    Jersey Woollen Mills
    Traditional Jersey and Guernsey sweaters, made in the Channel Islands, can be found here together with a history of the knitting industry that formerly thrived in the Islands. The complex, at the northern end of the Five Mile Road, St Ouen, also includes a giftshop, licenced restaurant and the Fountain Jewellery Centre.
    Served by bus route 12a.

    Means nothing to me, but if your in Jersey, i'm guessing you know where that is..

    Original Poster

    Rep headed your way!

    I saw that too... but I dont know if thats the name of a mill... or just letting people know there are some around there - lol

    Anyone else got any suggestions? Run a mill? Know someone who does? lol
    I'm getting pretty desperate now... even have samples of 'fake' wool coming from China! lmao
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