Anyone here good with UNIX?

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Found 3rd Apr 2009
Im unsure what the commands would be for these question, help would be much appreicated

1.)Move assessfile2.txt from mainassess to assessd.
2.)Find out who is currently online and save it in a sorted file in assessc called whoison.txt
3.)Set the Backspace key so that it will correctly erase.


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1. do you mean from 1 directory called mainassess to another directory called assessd?

2. do you mean to a directory called assessc?

3. stty erase

if you do mean directories can you give the full path to them i.e. /root/assessc for example then i can tell you :-)

1. mv filename1 filename2
2. the 'who' command will give you the info, you can pipe it to a file with >

Google the commands for more info, or look at the man pages

EDIT: If you're doing what I think you're doing you could even be a smart ass and schedule it all with cron jobs.
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