Anyone here have a Rovio?

    I've been thinking of investing in a set of wireless IP cameras to monitor the dog when he's at home on his own to make sure he's ok. He's in the latter stages of renal failure, he's not normally left long on his own for this reason even though he just sleeps but if he is unwell getting prompt help will make a lot of difference.

    I've come across Rovio which seems to get a lot of negative reviews initially but seems to have improved considerably with more recent firmware. I'm just wondering if anyone has bought one and how they get on with it? The benefit of Rovio is the flexibility which means it would be easier to keep an eye on the dog regardless of where he goes but I'm concerned about its navigation system as it seems to rely on a beacon system with no additional proxmity system. When developing robots previously as part of an AI course at Uni, this system was something of a disaster as without a proximity system the robot easily drove itself into trouble.




    I'd not even heard of "Rovio" until this, but just had a quick google.

    Neat idea I guess. (Though obviously no knowledge of how it works in practice.) One thing that puzzles...... won't the dog potentialy get annoyed and have a nibble on it?

    On the subject of IP cameras, dont suppose you have a recommendation for an external camera? I'm in the process of rewiring everything at home (and the ceiling will be going up at the weekend, so need everything in place before then - ie no visible wires at all.) Been looking at suppliers from the far east online, but nothing has stood out so far. I guess I'd want a megapixel camera.... and not sure if the (PIR) exterior light would be bright enough - or if Id need a day / night camera. Any views?

    Ooops... sorry for the hijack!

    so sad about your dog, my husband has knowledge of the typoe of thing you are looking at there are things that you can get and be in athe USA or any part of the world and still take a virtual tour of your house and gardens for security purposes , I will ask him when he gets home

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    One of my main concerns is that the dog hates radio controlled toys, he wouldn't damage it but he may be a littlle uncomfortable if the unit was moving around a lot. I was thinking I could keep it one spot most of the time as he usually sleeps in the hall, the unit would only need to move if the dog moved away to a side room which is when I'd want to see why he was moving.

    I haven't started looking into IP cameras yet although the more I look at the Rovio I'm starting to think I'm expecting too much from what essentially is a toy.


    My friend has one who is looking to sell so if you decide you want one get in touch

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    After doing some more research I'm leaning away from the Rovio idea, it seems to be a good toy but the quality of the camera in low light seems poor. The main hallway in the house isn't bright which means it sounds like this camera wouldn't be great.

    I'm back looking at wireless cameras as I've been having a think and found two sites that would cover the two main portions of the house the dog would be in during the day. The market doesn't seem as mature as I thought it would be by now though and not that cheap, on the other hand I think it would be worthwhile trying setting a system up to see how good it actually is as I can see it being something I'd be asked to install for others.



    Have you got any further with this John?

    Prices seem to vary enormously - every for similar specs.

    I'm probably leaning towards a 1.3 mega pixel camera. I'm not sure it the light generated from external lighting is sufficient (150W) or if Id need to get a night/day camera.

    Ive been looking at the Chinese market, where the prices seem to be about 50% cheaper than the UK. Its a bit worrying though if it arrives broken or develops a fault. Some of the prices they are quoting to ship seem way OTT. (One was $55 to ship!)
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