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Anyone here own a Dell U2414H monitor? Got an audio question.

Posted 3rd Jul 2014
Looking for someone with a Dell U2414H and maybe even a PS4 (or any HDMI device) to confirm something for me. I've been looking into getting myself one for use with a PS4 but have heard conflicting reports about the audio output port on the U2414H. I wanted to hook up PS4 via HDMI to the U2414H and then connect a pair of speakers to the audio output. However, I've been told the audio output port only outputs audio supplied to the monitor via the USB, Sounds odd to me but i've not been able to find anywhere to confirm that it outputs the audio from the HDMI ports too.

Can anyone help me out please with an answer? Or if you have one give it a test for me?
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have you tried looking at youtube video reviews of the monitor? they can go quite indepth and will be able to answer that question and many more.
Yeah, I've looked but haven't seen any that mention the audio yet.
Anyone else able to help me out?

I have the U2414H. As far as I can tell, the HDMI input connection will receive both Audio and Video. To output the audio, you need to use a standard mini jack (same as typical ipod headphones). This will output in stereo.

I have not discovered any other way to output sound. Therefore, you are limited to stereo, but the sound output is reasonable. If you are looking for audiophile sound output, I haven't assessed that as my HDMI source is not that great.

Your situation feeding the monitor via HDMI from your PS4, and outputting via the minijack to a pair of speakers will work fine.
Awesome to read. Stereo is fine for what I want from it.
So glad to finally read of someone who has actually hooked something up with HDMI and used the audio output.

I wasn't expecting anyone to reply to this now, I've even posted on the dell forums and sent dell an email directly and heard nothing, Your reply is very much appreciated. Looks like I will finally be able to get one ordered this week.
yes, i have used dell U2414h for 2 years and it give me a beatifull display, but you need the dell U2414h driver to work with many of features
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