Anyone here own the UK Blu-Ray of Kung Fu Hustle?

    I'm after a Blu-Ray of Kung Fu hustle but hear that scenes are cut from the American version (I own the uncut HK dvd but want it in HD) so i'm wondering if it is the same on the UK disc.

    If anyone has the UK BR of this movie could they tell me if:

    A) When the plant pot is thrown on the husband does it show the pool of blood?

    B) When the wife punches the main character does he spit up blood into her face?

    C) Does the villains fist come up bloody when he punches the main characters head into the ground?

    These are three scenes edited in the US (blood digitally removed and some scenes cut entirely) so if the UK version does not have the scenes as listed I know it's been censored.


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    The American Blu Ray has all the scenes I listed digitally censored (blood taken out) and some scenes completely removed.

    I'm wondering if the UK Blu-Ray is the original HK version or if they have just released the American one over here.…tml
    This link that was at the bottom of the page linked by the previous post is what i'm on about.
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