Anyone here sold a wedding or engagement ring online?

Found 3rd Jun 2010
Was wondering if anyone has sold these online? Did you get a good price?
Or if you sold them elsewhere? How? etc
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Erm, no...but there's sooo many "we buy your gold" services around - even on your high street, that it's probably worth taking a stroll past them and getting prices from a few of them.

Erm, I'm sorry if this superfluous ring has come about for a bad reason...!?!
sold two platinum rings on Fleabay - buyer was from Nigera and tried to scam me.
just be careful
Thanks for advice just wasn't sure about those high street places either and whether I should pay to get the rings valued first. I've had them sitting about for a few years now so no tearful goodbyes and we are still mates anyway, so all good, and I want to get motorcycle lessons with them
Do those buy your gold places take things with stones in them too? Rather than just chains and plain rings?
A few years back I sold an old engagement ring through an auction, maybe you could look into that option. Think they took 10% in commission if I remember correctly but I still had a tidy sum
get the ring valued by a proper jeweller and find out how much its worth. Those buy your old gold places are just crap and will rip you off. If you find out how much its worth you can either list it on ebay (and only sell to UK) or sell it privately.

I sold an old engagement ring on Ebay after having it valued and it was perfectly fine and got what it was worth.

I really would avoid those places that advertise for you old gold.
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